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The Rotary Engine Set Mazda Apart From Other Manufacturers

In a world of new possibilities, A young Felix Wenkel was said to have a dream. A dream about an engine that was built for speed and performance. Though the engine was not actually developed for another forty years the young boy was right, a new style of a gas engine could indeed be made. Little did he know how far this would go and how his life would be built around this engine. Little did a company called Mazda know that what would set them apart is a young German boy and his dream of a rotary engine.

In 1924, a 22-year-old Felix Wenkel went on to partner with a German aviation ministry and began to create the rotary engine he had been dreaming of years before. In 1957 a prominent Motorcycle manufacturer was interested in the engine. They partnered with Wankel and used some of his theories to create the DKM rotary engine. With this engine, the motorcycle company was able to break speed records. This, of course, proved that the rotary engine could be more than just a dream.

Mazda indeed took notice of this engine. They saw the potential for that engine in their cars. They set to work and immediately ran into a problem with chatter marks. Chatter marks meant the apex seal was vibrating causing a nicking effect. The company set up a department solely devoted to addressing this problem. In 1967 the company released the first dual-rotor rotary engine in a car the cosmo sport. Mass production of this car went well. The company began creating other models and looking to export to the United States. The muskie act for clean air emissions had just gone underway. Other car manufacturers claimed it was impossible to meet the standard. The company managed to meet standards and exports began.
The company continued to improve performance and pressed on creating new versions of the engine. They also created the Phoenix project. An effort to improve fuel efficiency became a primary focus. Multi-rotor rotary engines were developed. These engines could outperform a V8, but they had some technical problems. The company added a twin turbo system and found success. At lower speeds, only one charger operated, at higher speeds both operated allowing for a more powerful and efficient car. These engines are great to work with and if you want to squeeze the full potential, you will need an Engine Remap Reading.

In the car world, a world where other manufacturers were fighting for the same customers, Mazda came out as a strong competitor. The company has kept a close eye on consumer demands and continues to provide innovative technology. They keep improving fuel efficiency and making a powerful car. They even remained in the world of piston enginesArticle Search, a wise move on their part.

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