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Pass driving tests – practical, hazard perception and driving theory tests

Get invaluable advice for preparing for your driving test. Whether you are taking the driving theory test or the practical exam, this article will help you.

It is vital that you are well prepared for your driving test, whether it is the multiple choice theory section, hazard perception or the practical examination.

Before you can sit any part of the test, you must have a provisional driving licence. This is available from the DVLA and can be obtained by completing a D1 form.

The theory test consists of 50 randomly selected multiple-choice questions. Before you take the test, a 15-minute practice session is available. It is advised that you take advantage of this practice session, as it can greatly increase your chances of passing.

Make sure you are in the right frame of mind before you arrive at the test centre to take your theory test. You can do this by going to bed early the night before, and have a healthy, nutritious breakfast in the morning. This will help calm your nerves and improve concentration during the exam.

There are many books and DVDs which will help you prepare for the theory test. Most importantly, make sure you have an updated version of the Highway Code.

By studying and preparing prior to the theory test, you should be able to pass without difficulty.

You can then move on to the hazard perception test. This is designed to measure your awareness of the potential dangers that exist on the road.

The test comprises of 14 video clips, lasting about a minute each. The clips show a situation on the road, from the perspective of the driver. When you spot a hazard developing, you click the button. The earlier you recognise a potential hazard, the higher your score.

You have 57 minutes to complete the theory and hazard perception tests. Once you have passed these, you are able to sit the practical driving test.

This involves a 40-minute assignment, including some standard manoeuvres, such as reversing exercises and, potentially, an emergency stop. You can commit up to 15 minor errors and still pass the driving test, although one major or dangerous fault will cause you to fail.

The main difficulty people face when taking their driving test is often their own nerves. If they get overly stressed, this affects their driving.

If you want to pass the practical test, you could take one of those intensive driving courses Manchester. You should remember that your instructor will not put you forward for the test unless they believe you can pass. If you share their confidence, relax and keep your eyes on the road, you should pass with no trouble at all.

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