Horse racing tip: The Outsider Edge

It’s surprising how often a stables second-string horse actually wins a horse race, and at much longer prices. Going each way could be a profitable move.

Here’s an interesting theory that you may want to consider when browsing through the race cards looking for that ever-elusive winner. When Racehorse Trainers have two horses running in the same race, it’s quite possible that stable’s second string might just win.

Now I’m not suggesting that you go out and place a huge bet on every trainer’s outsider horse in these races, but it would be worth having a closer look at these horses form, and if the prices are long enough, a small each-way bet wouldn’t break the bank.

I have noticed quite a few long-priced, second string horses winning or placing over the past 18 months, and dabbling with a small betting bank placing each way bets here and there using small stakes would be advisable. Not every bet will produce a result, but those that do will return enough to cover the lost stake money plus make a small profit.

What you need to look for in a race is this – a trainer is running two horses in the same race, one of which is very well fancied and may even be the favourite, and the other one, not so much. Sometimes the odds on the outsider can be as large as 33-1, but more often than not they are usually 3rd or 4th favourite, but can still be offered at prices worth each way bet.

If you feel the horse’s form works out well, then take a little gamble. The occasional winner at a larger price should more than make up for the smaller stakes you would lose on those who don’t quite make it. Betting each way in most cases will ensure your stake money is paid back if the price is right.

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