Down to the cavern

Why not to consider providing valuable extra living space to you and your family without drastically changing the look of your house?

There is an increased demand for homes with larger living space which includes larger living rooms, laundry room, play area, additional bathrooms, independent guest apartments, home gyms, Study / home offices, home theaters, or a swimming pool. And the only available place to consider it would be the by either raising higher above the terrace or the basement in London.  Adding up another floor to the existing home can be expensive and not always a viable solution. Converting a basement to a new home, can be an excellent solution that can be considered.

A dark, damp and cold store room is no longer the sight one can imagine of a basement. The new look of a basement in London could entirely take us by surprise. It has turned out to be a well-lit, eco-friendly space for one to stay.

In London especially the house values rise when it comes to the construction costs. It is always better to get bigger with the existing home that works out economical than to buy a larger house. It is also an ecofriendly solution than to think about high raisers or adding up another floor to the existing home. The resources and material requirement is much lesser when compared to adding up a new floor to the existing house.  Heating up the basement is less of an effort and is cheaper than the rest of the house due to its positioning under the earth.

Once an initial appointment and survey is conducted the experts can suggest towards the possibilities of the basement extension and also regarding the local authority approval towards the extension of the basement. Post this estimate towards the budget can be derived at. At times there is not enough headroom and the construction gets difficult as the basement conversion would require the floor to be further lowered.

The basement conversion can be used as an extension of the home or a basement option can be made with its own outdoor entrance as an independent unit in itself. In case of an independent unit it might be required for approval from the respective authorities.

The cost associated with the basement conversion is influenced by many aspects. The cost of basement work is directly related to the local area that one resides which can indicate whether the conversion is financially feasible. For individuals residing in a posh locality that already has a basement provision it makes more sense in converting the place for additional living area as per the demand of the individual rather that opting for moving out due to the demand of additional space. The basement extension looks like a natural continuation of one’s home. Indeed a careful assessment and preparation of the space is vital to its accomplishment. Traditionally basement space is considered to be lifeless areas, deprived of sun light and any direct connection with the outside world. The whole concept changes with the idea of a Cellar conversions and Basement constructions.

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