Sandy road in the desert in Morocco, Africa

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Sandy road in the desert in Morocco, Africa


Morocco is officially known as the Kingdom of Morocco. Morocco is situated in North Africa. The population of Morocco is about 32 million. The area covered by Morocco is 710,850 kilometres square. The King of Morocco has many powers including the power of dissolving parliaments. The last Parliamentary elections were held on 7 September 2007. The word Morocco is derived from the Spanish Language. Many people called Morocco as Marrakesh which is made of the Barber word. Islamic is the dominating religion in Morocco. A Jewish community also lived in Morocco. But in the 20th century a large number of peoples who belongs from the Jewish community they left Morocco and went to the United States and Italy. Islam starts expanded in the 7th century. Uqba ibn Nafi first conquered the North African coastal plain. Arabs brought their culture, Islam and language with them. Many of Berbers converted their religion. Morocco recovered its sovereignty from France on 2nd March 1956. Morocco celebrated its 50th anniversary on 18 November 2008. Morocco is situated on the coast of Atlantic Ocean. The north of Morocco is bordered by Spain, and east of Morocco is bordered by Algeria, and south of Morocco is boarded by Western Sahara.

Morocco is famous for its wildlife history. Birds are of different types. In Morocco, 454 kinds of birds are discovered. Human introduced five of them and other 156 species are hardly ever or by chance seen. In 1922 the last Barbary Lion was shouting in the Atlas Mountain. The two most important animals of North Africa is in danger. These animals are Atlas bears and Barbary leopard. In Morocco, peoples are living for almost last 200,000 years. Most of the Moroccans are Sunny Muslims. The Muslims are almost the 99.1% of the Moroccan people. The Muslims has conquered Morocco during 7th and 11th centuries. Barber language is speaking by 15 to 18 millions Moroccans. Morocco’s representative languages are Arabic and Amazigh language. Other languages are also spoken by the peoples are Tachelhit, Tamazight. The official language of Morocco is Arabic and Amazigh language. Morocco’s military is consists of the Royal Armed Forces. The Royal Army is consisting of Army, Air Force, Navy, Gendarmerie, Auxiliary Forces, Moroccan Royal guard, Marche Verte… The types of equipment and weapons are highly up to date and modern.

The foreign relations of Morocco are remarkably very good. Morocco is affiliated with Foreign Organizations. Morocco is affiliated with United Nations since 12 November 1956. Morocco is affiliated with Arab League since 1st October 1958. Morocco is also affiliated with World Trade Organization, Mediterranean Dialogue group, Group of 77 and many other foreign organizations. The weather of Morocco is very hot and dry in summers. The winters are also not too much cool. Morocco has 37 provinces and 2 districts. The largest urban cities of Morocco are Fes, Rabat-Sale, Marrakesh, Agadir, Tangier, Meknes, Oujda, TetuanFree Web Content, Casablanca and Kentira. The biggest export of Morocco is phosphorus. Morocco is the third biggest producer of phosphorous. Moroccan population is affiliated with agriculture. By far, the best way to discover it is by doing a Morocco Private Tours. This way you will be able to visit the best regions with other people with the same interests than you.

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