Police siren flashing blue lights at accident or crime scene

Australia Police Records Available Online

Police siren flashing blue lights at accident or crime scene


One of the public documents in Australia can access is the police records. The government has allowed the local residents to access Australia Police Records in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act. A police record is made whenever an individual is has been reported for violation of the state laws.

A lot of information that can be found on the police records issued in Australia. The name of the person involved in the reported incident is indicated on the record. Why the person was arrested along with the test or examinations conducted on the individual are included on the file. This test can be a drug test, alcohol test, or paraffin test.

The information that can be obtained from a police record is enough to be used in a background check. This is especially true for employers. They conduct a random background check on their employees to ensure that the people that work for them have good intentions. Investigators and authorities use this as a reference in their criminal investigation. The document is also used as evidence that can help in the resolution of a criminal case which is then presented during court hearings and proceedings.
The state of Australia follows certain guidelines in order to get a copy of a police record. It is necessary to provide one’s personal information on the application form. Such information can be the name, address and contact number. Also, one has to be able to present their proof of identification when requesting for a police record. This information is used to document and track the file that was accessed.

In the state of Australia, one can request for a police check at the state police department. One can request only for their personal file. Others people can request for the files of other people once they have a court order that grants them access to the file. These are usually done by employers and authorities who look into the police record of other people. The record may be released after several days since it was requested. With the development of the Internet, there is no need to wait for days.

A police record check is now available online. Doing the search for a police record through the Internet is faster and convenient. The search can be done even without leaving one’s home. There are several websites that can do the retrieval of the record for you. These websites can do the search for free or for a certain fee. There is some free service that includes viruses or scam online users which is why many would go for the charged service to ensure quality and authenticity of the result.

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