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Airport Transfer Services Provider in London

Luton Airport is one of the busiest airports in London. It is known as the fourth largest airport in London, which is also indicative of how busy it can prove to be. In 2014, more than 10.5 million people have used the airport.

Luton is the fourth largest airport and the fifth busiest in the United Kingdom and is located in Bed for the shire. The Heathrow airport is situated 50 minutes from the Luton airport. The international passengers prefer the taxi services while travelling from the Heathrow airport to Luton airport. There are six international airports in London which handle about sixty percent of United Kingdom’s total air traffic. The six international airports of London are Gatwick, Stansted, Heathrow, Southend and Luton City. All these airports provide access to licensed taxi and minicab services. Tourists and the locals of London prefer using these taxi services to public transport as they are more convenient and ensure timely travel. London Heathrow is the largest international airport and the busiest in terms of interchange of passengers in the United Kingdom. The airport has five passenger terminals and one cargo terminal. The most suitable way to travel is by pre-booking a minicab service or taxi at any of the terminals in Heathrow and to enjoy the ride through the city of London to Gatwick.

How to Get To Luton Airport from London?

There are many ways of travelling to the Luton airport from London, such as by the bus, taxi service and the National Express service. Among the various means of transport, the two most popular mode of travel is by taxi and National Express.

#1.National Express:

This is the most convenient way to travel. Do not stress as to how to get to the fourth busiest airport in Europe, when the National Express is there to take care of your travel requirements.

The Reasons to Choose the National Express are:
• It is the most convenient way to travel and is a direct route to the airport.
• Free and superb Wi-Fi connectivity is available on selected services. The network is available at any part of the train and even inside tunnels.
• Safety is the primary concern of this train service and so the coaches are equipped with proper safety belts and child booster seats
• The coaches are spacious and air-conditioned for you to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable journey.
• Unnecessary and unscheduled stops are not made by this train service to ensure the coaches are not delayed and are running as per their schedule

#2. Private Licensed Taxi Services:

Private hire taxis offer a fixed price for Airport transfers London and they need to be pre-booked.

The Reasons to Choose This Service are:

• These taxi services are convenient, fast and ensure timely arrival at the destination.
• Their GPS navigation system with built-in traffic reports ensures prompt arrival at the destination and their call back service informs that the driver has arrived at the agreed pickup point.

Next time when you travel to the Luton airport, from any part of London, avail the services of the National Express as that will ensure a faster, safer and cheaper way of travelling.

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